MosaicArt di D.Colledani
Via Cialdini, 37
20161 MILANO
Phone and Fax: +39 026464174
In our company, Domenico Colledani , helped by solid collaborators, artists and architects of international renown, for nearly forty years, realizes artistic mosaics. The production, which takes place entirely in the laboratory of Milan , includes mosaics of large, medium and small sizes that are made with materials of various kinds. To beautify apses, panels for churches, funeral chapels, panels for cemeteries, swimming pools and baths, using venetian enamel, gold and glass paste, while for the flooring, all types of marble. The works are performed on the customer's project or on the sketch we provide. At the end of realization works are placed in work all over the world, possibly even from our layers .
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